Disclaimers and Disclosures

Compensation Disclosure

The Stock Fruit website provides readers with information regarding publicly traded companies that have retained Stock Fruit to provide advertising, news and public relations services on their behalf. Stock Fruit receives compensation from the companies in the form of cash and/or securities in the companies. Such compensation, especially compensation in the form of securities, may create an actual or potential conflict of interest. In addition, to the extent that parties, including the companies discussed, investors or others, further disseminate content or other statements provided by Stock Fruit, such parties operate outside of Stock Fruit control.

Appropriate disclaimers or other disclosures may not accompany such further dissemination, and Stock Fruit assumes no responsibility for any such statements or dissemination.

Because Stock Fruit receives compensation for disseminating information; we may have a conflict of interest in terms of disseminating negative information about the companies that retain us. Readers should consider this in reaching their independent decision as to how to use the information contained in the Stock Fruit website.

It is the practice of Stock Fruit to sell all securities received as compensation upon the expiration of the applicable holding period set forth in Rule 144 under the Securities Act of 1933 (Rule 144), notwithstanding the fact that Stock Fruit may be advertising or distributing materials on such securities and their issuers at the time of the sale of such securities. 

More generally, Stock Fruit may sell any securities that it holds at any time that it legally may do so, as it deems appropriate.