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 We provide publicly traded micro-cap companies with services to enhance their trading performance. The Company's advisory services and proactive campaigns are custom designed to dramatically improve each client's exposure by communicating financial catalysts; transition and turnaround strategies; and breaking news to a broad retail and institutional audience within the financial community. investor relations marketing public relations Social Media, Newsletters, Television & Radio. We'll create and moderate the investor forums, trying to build investor excitement through our online social network of Twitter, Discord, Facebook, etc. 

We are experts at aggressively selling story ideas and getting the prominent feature coverage that can make a powerful impact on your target audience. After many years of pitching hard hitting business stories, we're regarded as a reliable source of news and information by the journalistic community. "News sense" and determination are the critical differences between getting the placement or not. We get it!

Every company has different needs, and more importantly different budgetary constraints. Stock Fruit can scale to meet any challenge to make sure you stand above the rest. Our goal is to provide you with the best bang for your buck, with Stock Fruit you can be sure that every dollar counts.

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